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    God, Government, and the Gospel

    Secret Church 20

    David Platt

    God, Government, and the Gospel

    Secret Church 20

    David Platt



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    But what if you don’t agree with who those authorities are and how they are governing? How does this apply to different types of governments in different parts of the world? How does this command apply to the persecuted? In summary, how should Christians relate to government? Should we gladly submit to government, work to change government, or both, or neither? And what do Christians do when they disagree about political positions and personalities, cultural concerns and challenges?

    At Secret Church 20 we explored how the gospel transforms the way followers of Jesus relate to governing authorities in any nation for the glory of God in all nations. The purpose of this Secret Church was definitively not to advocate for a political position, party, or candidate in any particular country. The purpose of this Secret Church was to establish biblical foundations for understanding how the character of God and the content of the gospel totally transform the way Christians relate to government.

    Along the way, we examined how these biblical foundations help Bible-believing Christians promote love and preserve unity even when we disagree on policies and politics. Ultimately, we would encourage one another to live faithfully as citizens of heaven while we’re citizens on earth.

    The 190+ page, fill-in-the-blank Study Guide is a resource to accompany the teaching sessions from Secret Church 20: God, Government and the Gospel.

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      God, Government, and the Gospel

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      David Platt

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    David Platt

    David Platt

    David Platt (ThM, PhD, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) is the pastor–teacher of McLean Bible Church, founder of Radical, and a Council member of The Gospel Coalition. He has written several books, including ‘Radical’. David and his wife, Heather, have four children.

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