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Ministry of the Year

From the 1st September our Ministry of the Year will be Armenian Ministries

The aim of Armenian ministries is to make known the Word of God and provide physical help and assistance to the poor & needy through their Bible teaching and distribution, children’s camps and weekly activities, and humanitarian aid.

At 10ofThose we have already worked closely with Armenian Ministries to help print Children's gospel resources for their work, and are excited to bring their ministry to the attention of our customers.

Whilst we may take for granted the availability of Christian literature in the West, most Armenians do not have the funds to buy, or the access to Christian books.

Through the work of Armenian Ministries we pray that many would access gospel resources, and come to know the good news of Jesus. We commend their ministry to you and you can read more about their work on their website.

Armenian Ministries is an independent Christian charitable mission based in Lincolnshire, England. Registered as a charity in the year 2000, the mission was started by Ivan (Vahram) Pambakian, who himself was an Armenian, but had lived in England for many years. In the early 1990s, Ivan, with his wife, Sona, felt the Lord’s calling to help and encourage their brothers and sisters in the Lord in Armenia. Over the next few years, the doors of opportunity opened and Ivan and Sona were able to travel to Armenia to start to fulfil this calling – the work of Armenian Ministries was born.  Ivan went home to be with his beloved Saviour in 2011, after which point, the work has been led by Michael and Perouz Harrison (Ivan and Sona’s daughter).

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