The Visual Word + Drawing Near to God

David Gooding

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The Visual Word + Drawing Near to God

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Drawing Near to God:

This beautifully illustrated book brings to life the ancient story of God’s interactions with his people as he travelled with them through the wilderness. With insights drawn from both the Old Testament and the New, David Gooding helps us to see how this seemingly obscure topic is relevant and can be accessible to anyone.

In ten brief chapters he shows that the main lessons of the tabernacle provide an introduction to the basic doctrines of the Christian faith, teach us how we must approach God, and give us clear guidance for leading others on this life changing journey. These lessons are designed to help teachers understand and present the truths of the tabernacle to others, and are also ideal as a personal or group study guide.

This edition includes:

  • Over forty full-colour photographs of David Gooding’s tabernacle model
  • Revised and expanded text to appeal to a wide audience
  • Lesson objectives for each chapter to help teachers guide students
  • Full Bible quotations to provide immediate access to the text

The Visual Word:

The New Testament shouldn’t be complicated. So why are we often confused?

Every Christian wants to love the Bible. But let’s face it: we sometimes get lost in all the names, places, and doctrines that we find in its pages. Who wrote this epistle? Which book is about justification? Joy? Jesus? Aren’t they all about him? The New Testament contains complex ideas and multiple genres. Keeping it straight can be hard to do. Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody who understands the big picture would put it together for us in one place?

Biblical scholar and seminary professor Patrick Schreiner draws from his years of experience as a teacher to offer a simple and memorable way of understanding Scripture. And he doesn’t do it by throwing big words at you. The contours of the New Testament and its underlying structure are depicted in visual format along with Schreiner’s clear explanations. In The Visual Word, the Bible comes alive because you can see it pictured before your eyes. By taking a graphic approach, you’ll notice connections you’ve never seen before. Gain insights you’ve missed all these years. And discover an overall pattern that makes each separate piece fall perfectly into place.

Don’t settle for mere summaries of the New Testament. Let Schreiner’s concise words and crisp images work together to help you encounter the Living Word in a fresh way.

The Visual Word + Drawing Near to God