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Word One to One Pack 2

2 copies of Books 4 - 6 (John Chapters 5 - 10)

Word One to One Pack 2

2 copies of Books 4 - 6 (John Chapters 5 - 10)



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Discover the joy of Bible sharing.

The Word One to One equips you to introduce your friends to Jesus simply by opening up His Word with them. It provides John’s Gospel in an accessible format so that you can read and discuss God’s Word with anyone, anywhere.

The Word One to One series takes you through the whole of John’s Gospel in bitesize chunks. This bundle contains;

Making it easier to share with a friend.

Each double-page displays the Bible text on the left-hand side, supported by helpful notes with background information, questions and answers to explain the passage on the right-hand side. This means that both you and your friend read and chat about the same material together.

Everything you need is included in the pack. You don't need to be experienced at teaching the Bible or have an in-depth knowledge of John's Gospel before opening these books with your friends. The notes give you everything you need to understand and talk about the passages!

To find out how to get started with sharing God’s Word - check out

Why use The Word One to One?

  • You don’t need to be a Bible teacher. Everything you need to share the Bible one-to-one is included in the pack. The Bible passage is provided alongside clear expository notes, meaning that you don’t need to be a Bible teacher or study leader to share God’s Word with others.
  • Go at your own pace. The Word One to One takes you through all 21 chapters of John’s Gospel - these are divided into shorter, accessible chunks called ‘episodes’. This means you can read with your friend at a time and pace that’s comfortable for them. Each episode takes around 20-30 minutes to read together.
  • Accessible to everyone. From council estates to churches, City professionals to non-native English speakers, The Word One to One is being used in a variety of contexts all over the world. Who could you share God’s Word with?


“I know of nothing better than The Word One to One for enabling busy people who do not think they are particularly gifted to have a credible way of sharing the Christian message of John’s Gospel with a colleague or friend. With its transparent question and answer supplied format it makes for confident and unembarrassed communication of the great truths of the Gospel and is proving to be very effective all around the world. May it go from strength to strength.” Professor John Lennox 

“God’s Word will speak for itself, so when it comes to sharing the Word with our non-Christian friends, our responsibility is to be the page-turners - the Holy Spirit is the one who will open blind eyes. We just have to share. The material is fantastic and so easy to use. It’s completely changed the way I feel about sharing the Bible and how easy it can be. I started off sharing with one friend and then found I could do it with another friend as I felt more confident and encouraged.” Nina, Bible Sharer

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    Word One to One Pack 2

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