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The Pastor’s Ministry (Spanish) - Prioridades bíblicas para pastores fieles

Brian Croft

The Pastor’s Ministry (Spanish) - Prioridades bíblicas para pastores fieles

Brian Croft


Every pastor struggles with demands for his time, and how to determine priorities in ministry. Some choose to respond to the most urgent needs, while others seek a more balanced and intentional approach. But what determines these priorities? Where should a busy pastor look for wisdom in making decisions?

In the Pastor’s Ministry, pastor and author Brian Croft looks to the Scriptures to determine the top ten priorities for a faithful pastoral ministry. These biblically rooted responsibilities help pastors determine how to spend their time and with greater discernment respond to the demands of the church. Each of these priorities is rooted in a direct command of God’s Word, including: 

  • Guarding the Truth
  • Preaching and Teaching the Word
  • Praying for the Flock
  • Setting an Example
  • Visiting the Sick
  • Comforting the Grieving
  • Caring for Widows
  • Confronting Sin
  • Encouraging the Faint-Hearted
  • Identifying and Training Other Leaders

To be successful and faithful in pastoral ministry, every pastor needs to understand these core callings and make them part of his regular practice. These ten responsibilities guide how a pastor schedules his time, helping him to lay the foundation for a biblically faithful ministry in his church.

  • Title

    The Pastor’s Ministry (Spanish) - Prioridades bíblicas para pastores fieles

  • Author(s)

    Brian Croft

  • Series

    Practical Shepherding Spanish

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  • Audience

    Church Leaders

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