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Unlocking Mark's Gospel

31 Keys to Help You Read the Bible

Ruth Bridcut
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Unlocking Mark's Gospel

31 Keys to Help You Read the Bible

Ruth Bridcut



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Do you want to read the Bible but are not sure where to start?

In Unlocking Mark's Gospel, author Ruth Bridcut divides the shortest of the four eye-witness accounts of Jesus' life and death into 31 easy-to-read sections. Each section has some short notes explaining the passage in the Gospel, some key ideas to think about and a suggested prayer.

This book is ideal for those who are new to Bible reading or who want to understand more of what the Bible says about Jesus.

'Insightful, clear and straightforward, this is an excellent introduction to help you read Mark’s Gospel. Very helpfully and in simple terms Ruth explains things that might be unclear to somebody reading and studying the Gospel for the first time. Ruth’s long experience of introducing people to Jesus in a multi-cultural city is clearly evident, as the Lord Jesus is clearly seen to be who he really is, as is also our need to respond to him. I warmly recommend this book and I hope it is widely used'. Wallace Benn, Founder, Bible by the Beach

'This little book will help you read and understand Mark's gospel with a month of tasty bite sized chunks.' Michael Ots, Author and Evangelist

'This helpful little book is such an accessible approach to reading through Mark’s gospel in one month and enables the reader to encounter the living Jesus. The key ideas provide you with an ongoing meditation to take into your day and the beautifully crafted prayers allow the gospel to become rooted in your life.' John MacKinnon, Director of Evangelism, The Word One to One

'If you're looking for a clear, simple guide to reading the Bible for the first time, here is a really good one. Ruth Bridcut welcomes a reader into the gospel of Mark, laying out the main points and giving just enough context to smooth the way. The short prayers of response helpfully mark this journey of understanding God's Word on who Jesus is and what he came to do.' Kathleen Nielson, Author, Prayers of a Parent

'The Bible contains 66 books written in different genres over nearly 2,000 thousand years. - unsurprising that we can struggle to open our Bibles and know where to start. Unlocking Mark’s Gospel is a treasure if that is you. As you journey through Mark’s Gospel in 31 days, Ruth will not only help you understand the essence of each section you are reading, but help you draw closer to a glorious and wonderful God who loves you.' Alistair Chalmers, Pastor, Ferniehill Evangelical Church

 'Ruth has written this book primarily for those unfamiliar with how the Bible speaks today. However, I predict her studies will end up in many sermons. She helpfully guides us through Mark’s gospel and never fails to bring the reader a point of decision regarding the Jesus we see in his gospel. This is a truly wonderful resource, borne out of many years of teaching the Bible, and crafted by a heart that continues to long for others to meet Jesus today. Read it for yourself and you’ll want to share it with others too.' David Martin, Director, Irish Church Missions

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    Unlocking Mark's Gospel

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    Ruth Bridcut

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    Bible Reading

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    Adults, Enquirer / Seeker, New Christian

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