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Tears and Tossings

Hope in the Waves of Life

Sarah Walton


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Tears and Tossings

Hope in the Waves of Life

Sarah Walton


No matter how we try to sugarcoat it, there’s something about suffering and loss that shakes our confidence, disorients us, dulls the things we once enjoyed, and brings questions that demand an answer.

Tears and Tossings is a book for those days of chaos and nights of storms. Reflecting on her experiences of pain and hope, Sarah Walton encourages us to come to a God who loves us, knows us, and not only sees our tossings and tears, but holds them as his own.

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What others are saying about the book:

"Sarah Walton deeply understands suffering yet has faithfully walked through it with hope. Her words are a balm to the weary and downtrodden soul. May this book bring you comfort.”

Laura Wifler, co-founder, Risen Motherhood

"I must admit that reading the first chapter already brought me to tears. From one sufferer to another, Sarah Walton isn't just well acquainted with suffering, she also knows the hope we have in God in the midst of suffering. I appreciate her raw honesty regarding her pain, but the even greater truth that God is good and gracious and not only knows our tears but holds them in his hands. What a beautiful thought! I recommend this book for anyone hurting or knows someone who is hurting. I particularly recommend handing this short book out to someone in pain who might be searching for truth in the darkness.”

Dave Furman, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church of Dubai; author, Being There and Kiss the Wave

"The pathway that leads through life is inevitably stained by tearssometimes tears of loneliness or grief, sometimes tears of pain or fear, sometimes all of them mixed together in one sad torrent. What a blessing it is to know that our tears are as precious as pearls to God, that he knows them all, sanctifies them all, and promises to dry each one with his gentle hand. May Tears and Tossings give you the greatest hope even in your deepest sorrows."

Tim Challies, author, Seasons of Sorrow

“In this wonderful little book, Sarah Walton has captured a lifetime of pain and grief – and also the beautiful, tender ways that God cares for those who hurt.”

John Fuller, Co-host, “Focus on the Family” radio program

“In Tears and Tossings, Sarah Walton shares how the tears we weep never go unseen. Our good God not only sees our sorrows, but he has done something about it through the sacrifice of his Son. Written primarily for those unfamiliar with the Bible, Tears and Tossings is an excellent resource to share with a hurting, unbelieving friend. Use this book to introduce those who weep with the Man of Sorrows--the one who captures all our tears in a bottle and who will one day wipe them dry for good.”

Christina Fox, counselor, retreat speaker, and author, A Heart Set Free: A Journey to Hope through the Psalms of Lament

“When a friend is suffering, I often struggle to find the right words. Besides, sometimes it's best just to listen. Other times, it's best just to serve. Now, I can give Tears and Tossings so my friend can read and process suffering in the most helpful way and mull over life-sustaining truths from God's Word. Maybe we could read it together, one chapter at a time. Maybe we could talk about it over coffee. Maybe we could email back and forth and discuss the parts that resonate with us. I'm grateful for a resource that will not overwhelm, but will come alongside, acknowledge the heartaches of suffering, and offer a hearty dose of hope.”

Laura Booz, author of Expect Something Beautiful: Finding God's Good Gifts in Motherhood

"Tears and Tossings begins with a lot of pain but uses an empathetic trail of tears to take the reader straight to the mercy, love and forgiveness of God. You can share this book with non-believing friends with great confidence in the writing, the message, the compassion, and an accurate, compelling presentation of the Gospel."

Gary Thomas, Author, Sacred Marriage and Cherish

"Tears and Tossings is the book I needed to read when my dad died of cancer at age 52. Because the comforts she shares are battle born, Sarah knows how to handle the sorrowing with patience and empathy. She helps give voice to our honest questions and doubts, and then invites us to see that realistic hope, even in the midst of terrible tragedy, isn't as far-fetched as it might seem."

Christine Chappell, Outreach Director & Hope + Help Podcast Host, Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship

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    Tears and Tossings

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    Sarah Walton

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    Suffering / Loss

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God Meets us in Our Pain

Such a beautiful little book describing how God meets us in our pain and suffering. The author uses examples from her own life as she writes about the mercy of the Lord, but I found myself reminded of times in my own life or on behalf of others when I have cried tears that seemed like they would never stop. What a gift to know that the Lord sees me in that grief and pain and that he cares. I’m going to buy copies to have on hand as I hear of people struggling or to gift along with a meal or a card.

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Tears and Tossings: Hope in the Waves of Life

Sarah Walton is in the midst of seemingly hopeless circumstances when an anonymous gift unexpectedly lands on her doorstep. As Sarah walks through storm after storm, this gift continues to point her towards God's Word, affirming that hope is just as real as suffering. Tears and Tossings is a beacon of hope, guiding the reader through life's waves and toward the light of truth. Sarah shares her own story, walking the reader through ways that God gives hope in the midst of pain and loss. Sarah's personal experiences with suffering, both past and ongoing, lend credence to her writing, and thoughtfully chosen passages of Scripture support each point. Sarah deftly crafts this quick read to be easily understood by non-believers and yet thought-provoking for believers. Through Scripture and personal anecdotes, Tears and Tossings breathes hope into the darkest of times.


He Holds Our Tears

"You have kept count of my tossings; put my tears in your bottle. Are they not in your book?" ~ Psalm 56:8 Author Sarah Walton knows what it means to suffer. She, her husband, and their four children have been on a difficult journey that has included special needs, chronic Lyme and co-infections, and financial difficulties, for years. In her new book, Tears and Tossings: Hope in the Waves of Life, Sarah shares their story and points readers to God, who holds all their tears in His bottle. In 2017, I was introduced to Sarah's story when I read Hope When It Hurts: Biblical Reflections to Help You Grasp God's Purpose in Suffering, which she co-authored with Kristen Wetherell, and I've been following Sarah on Instagram ever since. I was excited when she shared about her new book, and I was invited to be an advance-reader and on the launch team. Tears and Tossings is probably Sarah's most vulnerable book so far. It is about one-hundred pages long and is composed of nine short chapters. The fact that Tears and Tossings is concise is a strong point, as many suffering people, especially those with chronic illnesses, don't have the energy to read much. Chapter one begins with Sarah introducing her story, and each of the following eight chapters focus on God holding our tears in a certain situation – loneliness, grief and loss, hopelessness, pain, waiting, fear, and shame. Finally, in the concluding chapter Sarah ties everything together and shares how we all are all spiritually sick and in need of a Savior. This book is for anyone, but Sarah wrote it especially with non or nominal Christians in mind. And she did a good job with that – the book tenderly shares the gospel as she shares her own story, starting with a scene in a psychiatric hospital at age seventeen. She was desperately hurting and wondering whether or not God was real and if so, if He really loved and cared about her personally. She needed something or Someone to give her a reason to go on, and thankfully in that hospital room her life's trajectory was forever changed when she encountered Jesus. Sarah's chapter on loneliness probably touched me the most. In it, she shares about the day a bottle showed up at her doorstep with Psalm 56:8, the theme verse of the book, rolled up inside. The timing was perfect because she was having a very difficult day as her son with special needs was having a chaotic episode. Sarah shares, "Not only was I physically alone, but the longer our son’s challenges lasted, the more isolating it became. Very few could relate to our specific circumstances and most barely knew they existed." But the bottle and the Bible verse were a reminder that she really wasn't alone, that God was with her, and that He saw all her grief and pain was holding her tears in His bottle. I also strongly resonated with the chapter on waiting, as I have been chronically ill for nearly seven years. In that chapter, Sarah shares her own experiences of waiting and reminds readers of the Biblical story of Lazarus, who was deathly ill. In that story, Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha, but He waited to come to them. By the time He arrived four days later, Lazarus was dead, but Jesus had a purpose in delaying and showed His power in resurrecting him. To quote Sarah, "Jesus chose to wait—not in coldness or indifference, but in love. He was showing them the miraculous power and glory of God through the waiting." Sarah also writes, "Maybe, like Jesus’ delay in coming to Lazarus, he has something greater in store for us. Maybe he wants to give us peace in knowing there’s a purpose in our waiting. Most importantly, maybe he wants it to lead us to search for hope and life in Jesus, rather than putting our hope in what we’re waiting for—just as he did for Mary and Martha." Tears and Tossings comes with my recommendation and releases on May 1st. Pre-order it now.

Lauren Watt

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