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Oh, the Treasures You’ll Know!

A parody for all ages

Dan Olson and Craig MacIntosh



Oh, the Treasures You’ll Know!

A parody for all ages

Dan Olson and Craig MacIntosh


A wonderful and wise send off for Christian graduates—whether completing confirmation, kindergarten, high school, or college!

Congratulations! You’re off on your way.

You’ve been faithful in little —much awaits you. Don’t stray!

This Christian parody of Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is full of whimsy and wisdom. Goats take the Wide Path — marked by the Glumpy Lagoon, Whocaresville, and more — while the sheep persevere through trials, stumbles, and storms. A perfect gift to encourage graduates that the graduation that matters most is to glory.

Praise for the book:

“Oh, the Treasures You’ll Know is a witty, wonderful and beautifully illustrated book about following God’s narrow path and storing up treasures in Heaven that will never be lost. I’m glad to recommend this delightful book.”

— Randy Alcorn, author of The Treasure Principle and Money, Possessions and Eternity

“Dan Olson packs a children’s book full of truth for a life journey in pursuit of God, and he does so with hope and beauty. In Oh, The Treasures You’ll Know, he interweaves how a life led by a passion for Christ ultimately leads to a fullness and purposefulness in comparison to a narrative of a self-focused journey. This book is great for children as they discover these truths, high school graduates who enter adulthood, and even for adults who are seeking purpose and joy in their life and work."

— Erik Ellefsen, Director of Networks & Improvement, Center for School Leadership, Baylor University

"Here are core truths distilled in an engaging and entertaining way. I love that I can sit and read it as a storybook to young kids, but also give it as an excellent and truly edifying gift to High school graduates."

— Scott James, elder at The Church at Brooks Hills, author of The Littlest WatchmanMission Accomplished, and The Expected One

"This book is Dr. Seuss meets Pilgrim's Progress. It's whimsical and engaging while communicating deep truths. The message is not the world's ‘you can do anything if you set your mind to it’ but instead ‘you can make it through anything with God's help.’ The detailed illustrations make reading and rereading a delight for all ages!"

— Betsy Childs Howard, editor, The Gospel Coalition, author of Arlo and the Great Big Cover-Up

“Dan Olson guides kids of all ages on a gospel treasure hunt to discover eternal riches. This book masterfully combines rhyme with illustrations to engage minds and hearts in valuable biblical truth. Your kids will pull this off the shelf to read over and over again!”

— Barbara Reaoch, author, speaker, served as director, Children’s Division, Bible Study Fellowship International

“This is a beautiful book for young and old that clearly illustrates the journey of the Christian life. We are inspired to keep pressing forward no matter the trials or distractions. We are assured of God's love and care for those of us who keep pressing our way through the fires of life. With the whimsical spirit of Dr. Seuss, he has created a book where all people, no matter their ethnicity, gender or background will see themselves in these pages and find the inspiration to walk the narrow way, full of faith that the Lord will see them to the end and reward them for finishing the race strong.”

— Anika T. Prather, founder, The Living Water School; lecturer, Howard University

“Olson has provided a witty, engaging story that takes the reader on a journey which highlights the spiritual dimensions of our everyday choices. Many will identify with how easy it is to wander into and become swallowed up in the “Maze for all those who would make their own way”, or to give in to the lure of self-centered “Whocaresville.” My teenage daughters, who are deeply embedded in biblical teaching and schooling, were nevertheless poised with great attention, eager to see how Olson’s pilgrim would fare on his journey. Enthusiastically recommended for all ages.”

— Angel Adams Parham, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Virginia; co-founder, Nyansa Classical Community

“As an educator, I’ve had the joy of seeing despair transform to hope as children came to see learning in terms of growth rather than performance. Dan Olson offers the same opportunity for transformation in his hopeful vision of Christian life where virtue is not something merely to be preserved or that will simply appear in time without any effort. Rather, he presents Christian virtue as a life we will grow into as we follow Jesus on the way he has walked before us.”

— Kevin Clark, President, Ecclesial Schools Initiative and co-author of The Liberal Arts Tradition

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    Oh, the Treasures You’ll Know!

  • Author(s)

    Dan Olson and Craig MacIntosh

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    8-11s, 12-14s, 15-18s

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Overall rating

4.4 based on 5 reviews

Sweet book!

Oh, the Treasures You’ll Know is a fun book, the kind where Dr. Seuss writes Pilgrim’s Progress. (This is actually a Christian parody of Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go!) Along the lines of Pilgrim’s Progress, on its map exist places like the Path of Salvation and the Wide Path of Destruction, the Pit of Pride, Whocaresville, Maze-For-All-Those-Who-Would-Make-Their-Own-Way, the mountain of Trials, Glumpy Lagoon, Stories of Heroes of the Faith, and more. The book encourages your children to run past those things, people, and temptations that will hinder them from a full life with Christ. Instead, they are to follow our loving King and serve as he served. And when they mess up, God will leave his ninety-nine sheep to rescue them. It ends by looking at five crowns from the New Testament (the crowns of life, eternity, glory, righteousness, and rejoicing). These are crowns our children can look forward to receiving when they stand before Jesus. This is another fun book that is another step in your child’s journey encouraging them to follow Christ over anything else.

A brilliant book

This is a brilliant book and was fantastic for helping our children see the Christian life as a journey – and a journey fraught with many potential diversions and pitfalls. Each page masterfully brought in different dangers – from seeking wealth to pluralism, from the seven deadly sins to being completely distracted. It was full of lovely rhyme and hilarious (and sometimes sobering!) pictures. Each one can lead off into a helpful discussion afterwards. Whilst warning of dangers, we were also pointed to the Saviour who mercifully keeps us on the path. I highly recommend this book for families who want a fresh reminder of the pilgrimage we’re on, one using the well–known images and parables from Christ, Bunyan, Lewis and many others.

David Simpson

A witty, faith-filled read

In this parody of Dr. Seuss’ Oh! the Places You’ll Go!! Olson has crafted a witty, faith-filled read about staying on the narrow path to heaven" With Seuss-like wording and rhyme, the story cautions against being led astray by the false gods of power, possessions, and pleasure, and urges insteadto “run for the crown!”

Although sin’s curse will at times cause some Christ-followers to stumble or stray, Olson reminds readers they can have hope because God is faithful in seeking His lost sheep.

While Seuss’ classic book has long served as a gift for graduates, Olson’s version would make a great alternative for those seeking Biblical wisdom paired with a bit of whimsy.

Kristin Chapman, WORLD Magazine

Conveys the truth, really well

I loved this book! The illustrations by Craig MacIntosh reminded me of the magazines I used to read as a child and are full of so much activity that you’re so intrigued and sucked in by every page. This book conveys the truth, really well, that the Christian life is a journey with many dangers and things that try to distract you along the way. I think your kids will love this book and it will help you prepare them for being ‘in the world but not of the world’ and all the difficulties that come with that!

Alistair Chalmers

A biblical, giftable Seuss parody

While Dr. Seuss’s classic "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" encourage readers to choose their own paths in life, Dan Olson's biblical parody takes an opposite approach. "Oh the Treasures You'll Know!" motivates readers to stay on the path God calls his sheep to follow—one that leads to eternal treasures. As such, it would make a thoughtful gift for Christian graduates of any age, or anyone else taking the first step into a new stage of life.

(As an employee of 10ofThose, I received a copy of this book for free, but was not required to give a positive review.)


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