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Before You Share Your Faith

Five Ways to Be Evangelism Ready

Matt Smethurst
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Before You Share Your Faith

Five Ways to Be Evangelism Ready

Matt Smethurst


When it comes to evangelism, we often struggle. Maybe it's the inertia that comes with feeling out of practice. Or perhaps it's the age-old presence of fear that keeps us from speaking truth in love. Sometimes, a low-level guilt over countless missed opportunities tempts us to despair of trying at all.

In Before You Share Your Faith—a follow-up to Before You Open Your Bible—Matt Smethurst presents five ways you can become "evangelism ready". While many good books begin further downstream by teaching how to evangelize, this volume will help you be primed for when the moment arrives. Because if you aren't ready to share your faith . . . you probably won't.

Casting light on five key foundations—grasp the gospel, check your context, love the lost, face your fear, and start to speak—this resource will deepen your desire and enhance your readiness to share the best news anyone could ever hear.

Praise for the book:

"When I was a new Christian 50 years ago, I read two little booklets by John Stott on personal evangelism that changed my life. Matt Smethurst has written a short book on the same subject that is every bit as good as those older essays, but of course far more up to date. Read it—it could change your life!"

Timothy Keller, Redeemer City to City

"I must confess that sometimes I don't share my faith when I should. But this little book is not designed to make me ashamed of myself (I don't need help in that department), but to help me do better. If you are a Christian who never wavers on this front, don't bother reading this book: you don't need it. Otherwise read it thoughtfully and gratefully."

D. A. Carson, cofounder and theologian-at-large, The Gospel Coalition; emeritus professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"Few people can write a warm, winsome book on evangelism while still maintaining biblical faithfulness, but Matt Smethurst has pulled it off. Matt is a player-coach who walks alongside us, outlining the foundational components of sharing our faith and never forgetting that evangelism is part of every faithful believer's life. This book will instruct the fearless and invigorate the fearful."

J. Mack Stiles, director, Messenger Ministries; author, Evangelism and Marks of the Messenger

"Matt Smethurst has given God's people a tremendously valuable resource: something to help prepare us for evangelism. He addresses topics that are often skipped over or assumed in evangelism training. And he does so with excellent prose and gospel grace."

Randy Newman, senior fellow for apologetics and evangelism, The C. S. Lewis Institute; author, Questioning Evangelism

"Packed with pastoral wisdom, theological clarity, and a contagious zealboth for Christ and for the lost. I can't think of a better short encouragement toward evangelism. Read it with friends, and get sharing!"

Glen Scrivener, evangelist and author, Reading Between the Lines series

"People tend to overcomplicate things. We can be so busy looking for the Bible study plan that we forget to study our Bibles. We form well-intentioned discipleship pathways that are more of a maze than a map. That's why I love this book by Matt Smethurst. It doesn't dodge the challenges we face, but it does something many evangelism books don't: it shows the simplicity and wonder of the gospel. Matt takes a step back to explain how any believer can be prepared to share this good news with both strangers and friends. Read thisand put what you read into practice. It's really that simple."

Ed Stetzer, executive director, Wheaton College Billy Graham Center; dean, School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership

"Every Christian would love to tell their friends about Jesus. So why don't we do it more often? It's certainly not due to lack of opportunities. What if the barriers are not so much what's outside us but what's inside? Matt Smethurst's book will remove barriers and motivate you to share your faithas the title promises! This book will be life-changing both for you and for the friends you tell about Jesus."

Sam Chan, City Bible Forum, Australia; author, Evangelism in a Skeptical World and How To Talk about Jesus

"This is a delightful book on evangelism! Matt Smethurst focuses on the crucial topic of how to prepare for witnessbefore the opportunity arrives. His writing is clear, concise, compelling and insightful. This is an important contribution on a very important subject."

Rebecca Manley Pippert, author, Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World and Stay Salt

"Jumping to the how in evangelism is the norm. But Matt Smethurst prepares us for the jump by unpacking why we should jump in the first place . . . and it's fabulously helpful in every way. This book aligns your heart to answer evangelism's why, and then graciously kicks your behind to get involved for the glory of God."

Shelby Abbott, campus minister, Cru; podcast/radio host; author

"Matt Smethurst has written a helpful book for what seems like the bulk of usthose who want to share our faith, but haven't quite gotten there yet. He gives us a view of the gospel we proclaim, the obstacles we encounter on the way, and the God who overcomes them. I am happy to commend this handy resource to ministry leaders and anyone looking to get after the work God has given the church."

Derek Rishmawy, campus minister, Reformed University Fellowship; co-host, Mere Fidelity podcast

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