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A Good Old Age

An A to Z of Loving and Following the Lord Jesus in Later Years

Derek Prime


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A Good Old Age

An A to Z of Loving and Following the Lord Jesus in Later Years

Derek Prime



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Old age often gets a bad press. Associated with grumpiness, aches and pains, loneliness, and isolation it’s not something we particularly look forward to or relish when we’re there.

Pastor and Bible teacher, Derek Prime, himself in his 80s, shows us that there is another way to view old age. He guides us through 26 Christian priorities that we should hold to in later life. With biblical wisdom and practical advice, he helps us to navigate the unique challenges and joys that old age can bring. This is a book to dip into, meditate on and read prayerfully as you let the truths it contains gently transform the way you live your old age.

Praise for the book:

"We all learned the alphabet when we were young. But here Derek Prime suggests there is another alphabet we need to learn if we are to enjoy A Good Old Age. With characteristic clarity and grace, he spells out an A to Z of biblical wisdom for the elderly. But the value of these pages goes far beyond encouraging senior-citizens. There is also something here for families, church leaders, and young people too. A great reminder that the starting place for A Good Old Age is long before it begins!"

- Sinclair B Ferguson, author of The Whole Christi and Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary

"There are gems of Christlike wisdom on every page of this lovely book, written by an older believer and pastor with a godly sweetness and earthy directness. I have loved reading it and look forward to reading it again, slowly, and probably more than once, if the Lord spares me into older and older age. I shall buy copies for ageing contemporaries, who need to read it too!"

- Christopher Ash, Writer-in-Residence at Tyndale House, Cambridge and Ministry Trainer at St. Andrew the Great church

"Like vintage wine, A Good Old Age is the exquisite fruit of a lifetime of Christian ministry and leadership that aims to particularly help elderly Christians navigate the final years of the journey of faith. It charts the 'A to Z' of Christian discipleship in an immensely practical, warm, and honest way in short, insightful reflections on each letter of the Alphabet of Christian Living. It’s so good it shouldn’t be kept to the 'Oldies' - it will be a great aid to discipleship to a Christian of any age. I can’t recommend it highly enough."

- Trevor Archer, FIEC London Director

"Drawing on a lifetime immersed in God’s Word, Derek Prime gives us a roadmap for pursuing godliness in our later years. The value of this book lies in its specific application of the Scriptures to the challenges and opportunities of old age. Honest, insightful and full of grace, this book is a goldmine of wisdom for older believers."

- Colin S. Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard and President, Unlocking the Bible

"Here is practical and pastoral wisdom from a man who has soaked his life in the Scriptures. Younger pastors will be helped to understand the challenges that face our older brothers and sisters as well as getting some advanced preparation for what is ahead. In truth, the lessons here are good for every generation and I warmly commend this book."

- Paul Rees, Lead Pastor, Charlotte Chapel

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    A Good Old Age

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    Derek Prime

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Overall rating

5.0 based on 3 reviews


I received this as a gift. I have given away many copies after that because it is so good for seniors. I hope to give about 40 copies to my Sr. class in Spring.

Richard DeVries

Practical, Challenging and Relevant for everyone 50+

This a great read - even though I am 49, I can see many of the things addressed in this book already creeping up on me.  The introduction does suggest you read a chapter a day - not in three days flat. But the type font is pleasantly large, and the chapters do not waffle on!! Very practical, I would highly recommend this to - couples as part of your daily devotions, you can then reflect and discuss the subject for the rest of the day - for those on their own - lots of practical advice for those experiencing isolation, boredom etc. - for a Fellowship meeting - why not read a chapter each time you meet a discuss the issues it raises. Now can I convince my church to buy 50+ copies to pass on to people! I hope so!!

Andy Wilcock (Hampden View - Sheffield)

A lovely book for Christians of all ages!

I bought copies of this book for some of my older friends. However, upon reading through some of the short chapters I became immediately enthralled by the simple wisdom embedded within each context. So many of the life-skills considered are equally important for Christians of any age and not just the 'old'. Alternatively, it could be considered as a wise preparation for old age. A lovely book which can be enjoyed over and over again.

Ray Tolley

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