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Living for Jesus in the Real World

Matt Carvel


Living for Jesus in the Real World

Matt Carvel


God wants all of us. He cares about how we spend our money, what job we get, and even how we dress. While we might know this to be true, it can be tricky to work out exactly how knowing God should affect how we live. From the day-to-day decisions to the big, life- shaping ones how do we discern and live out God's will?

Help is at hand in this book as Matt Carvel walks us through what the Bible has to say about how we should live. Matt writes in a down-to-earth and practical style with chapters on decision-making, healthy living, work, relationships, and unanswered prayer amongst others. This isn't a book that will curtail your freedom, but rather, it will help you to embrace the joy that comes from living fully for God.

You'll find this a really valuable resource whether you're a new Christian, a recent graduate moving into ‘the real world' or anyone wanting to explore how Christianity connects with daily life.

Matt is an elder at Church of Christ the King, Brighton

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    Matt Carvel

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    Work and Money

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    Adults, New Christian, Student

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