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    Church Leadership

    Ray Evans


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    Church Leadership

    Ray Evans



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    Society, and our own desires can paint quite an intimidating picture of ‘the perfect leader'. Perhaps you've felt you lack the skills or experience it takes be a leader, or maybe you've questions about how you'll cope practically in leadership.Ray Evans has been in church leadership for over 30 years, and now spends time helping others think through how they can be better leaders. In this honest and engaging read, Ray helps us spot potential leadership issues, and using real life examples, he unpacks what the Bible teaches about leading God's people.This book will be a helpful guide for you whether you're wondering if you should take up a position of leadership within your church, or are considering becoming a full-time church leader.
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      Church Leadership

    • Author(s)

      Ray Evans

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    Short, practical, helpful

    In 'Church Leadership', Ray Evans has offered us an accessible peek into what it means to be involved in leadership in the local church. I like how Evans helpfully points the reader towards the ways in which God has worked in our lives to mould us into the leader he wants to be, whether that is through school, work or other life experiences. He explains this approach by acknowledging that there are several ways in the local church in which leadership occurs, such as in the role of 'pastor', 'elder', 'deacon' or even something less obvious like 'bible study leader'. As a regular Christian, I appreciated this insight into the variety of ways in which I could serve as a leader (or help my own leaders to serve well) in my local church. At around 80 pages and well-written, this book can be breezed through in about an hour. Yet its effects may well be long lasting as Evans guides current, potential or future leaders through some of the Bible's teaching on leading a local church. Give it a go!

    Matthew Brown

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