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    Why me?

    Personal stories of hope in suffering

    Roger Carswell



    Why me?

    Personal stories of hope in suffering

    Roger Carswell



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    The question of why we suffer is never just academic. At one point or another it becomes personal. In this moving book you'll read the stories of twelve ordinary people who have known what it is to suffer. They can't all answer the question 'Why?' but they do have an extraordinary hope despite what has happened to them. As you read their painful, true stories, you'll see that it is their faith in Jesus that has kept them going as they turned to Him for help during the darkest times of their lives. Roger Carswell shares how you too can have a hope and a future, even if you're in the midst of a difficult time.
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      Why me?

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      Roger Carswell

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      Lifes Challenges, Suffering / Loss

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    Roger Carswell

    Roger Carswell

    Roger Carswell works full-time speaking to students and adults about the believability of the Christian faith and its relevance to the modern world. He is married to Dot and they have four children.

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    This is a book that deeply touched my heart. It is a collection of very moving stories of people who have suffered greatly, yet, at the bottom of the seemingly bottomless pit in their lives, was the One who has suffered the most. He has held them and carried them through their darkest trials. Jesus knows and understands all we go through. He doesn't always answer the question 'Why Me?' What this book does so well is to show in the opening chapters that Jesus was human and suffered terribly - physically, emotionally and spiritually. The book also focuses on 'hope' and 'future' - how these people found it through their suffering, and the wonderful eternal hope and future for all who belong to Jesus, when all tears will be wiped away. I recommend this book and look forward to passing on copies to help others.

    Mrs Tervet

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