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    War and Faith

    Short biographies from the second world war

    Don Stephens



    War and Faith

    Short biographies from the second world war

    Don Stephens



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    Don Stephens has collected moving stories from the Second World War that will enthral and move his readers. As Brigadier Ian Dobbie, OBE says in the Foreword, Don “has the gift of telling a story in a way which grips the reader, and yet he is not guilty of writing in a sensational manner, nor does he fail to remind his reader that war is always a terrible event, and that the God of the Bible remains sovereign.”

    The stories range from the South African Air Force war hero who became a vital missionary pilot, to the Scottish lady from quiet Dumfriesshire who was a martyr at Auschwitz, to the German Prisoner of War who found a strong spiritual link with the Wirral.

    The eight stories combine to remind readers dramatically that our God is able to use even the dire circumstances for his glory.

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      War and Faith

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      Don Stephens

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      War and

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      Evangelical Press

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    Don Stephens

    Don Stephens is the founder and president of the international charity Mercy Ships. The charity currently operates the world's largest civilian hospital ship; The Africa Mercy. This astonishing ship takes relief and development to the port cities of some of the world's poorest countries.

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    Overall rating

    5.0 based on 3 reviews


    If you enjoyed War & Grace you will also enjoy this book. The book tells the stories of 8 Christians in WWII of different nationalities. A lot if information and thought provoking.

    Stephen Ayre

    Highly appreciated

    Remaining faithful to Christ in situations of extreme suffering and trial is the theme of this remarkable book. As a follow–on from Don Stephens’ highly appreciated War and Grace, we read here of eight more courageous Christians who held firm to their faith in grievous conditions during World War II. May these well–researched pages serve as splendid examples to us of the grace God can give should we too be called upon to face days of serious testing.

    Faith Cook


    The place of testimony in the life of God’s people is at the heart of many of the psalms and needs to regain its importance in church life. These short biographies are interesting, stirring and moving, but above all edifying as we constantly reflect on what it means to serve Christ wholeheartedly. We may not be called to these people’s particular sacrifices, but we are called to serve the same Christian life, follow the same servant Lord and act with the same devotion.

    Adrian Reynolds

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