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Far Above Rubies

The Life of Bethan Lloyd-Jones

Lynette G Clark



Far Above Rubies

The Life of Bethan Lloyd-Jones

Lynette G Clark


The galleries of the great heroes of faith contain many inspirational women; although not always placed in as prominent a position for all to see, their service has been invaluable in God's kingdom. The wife of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones was such a woman. Bethan Lloyd-Jones' portrait has long been hidden in a part of the gallery known only to her family and certain close friends. Lynette G. Clark brings this portrait into view, capturing the wit, wisdom and faith of a godly wife, mother and friend.
  • Title

    Far Above Rubies

  • Author(s)

    Lynette G Clark

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    Christian Focus Publications

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Bible based biography

Episodes from the life of Bethan Lloyd-Jones, wife of Martyn, are well described. Some background knowledge of the life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones would help to understand it. Good points are the apt Bible quotations, and the account of her very real battle against worrying.

Stephen Ayre

Normal Woman in hands of an Amazing God

We are constantly being asked the question can we have it all? In Christian circles women are struggling with this too and ministers wives will certainly be wondering where they fit into the world’s view. This book tells the story of a woman who could be described as having it all– looks, status, talent, career, connections but she gives up ‘wordly’ success to devote herself to support her husband, Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones and their 2 daughters. We are told how her parents and grandparents were such an important influence to her in the way they kept family and ministry life maintained and both these and the accounts of her own family life give plenty of food for thought for ministers wives. She was willing to give her husband up to the Lord but they always made time for each other. Despite the fact she didn’t become a Christian until after being married and serving with her husband in his first church she became the doctor’s best and severest critic but always gave that feedback in a way that built him up. There are moving accounts written by her 2 daughters which will bring tears to the eyes. The family were very close and the long lasting effects of motherly love are very evident as they are passed on through the generations. The strong message that comes through is that it is possible to love your husband, children and serve the wider church but that comes at a cost. Bethan willingly and cheerfully gave up herself, her own career and needs to devote herself to serving others. Instead of that being a strait jacket she comes across as wonderfully liberated and free to live life to the full. In case you’re thinking– oh no not another superwoman I could never be like– we are also told of her anxiety and very real fears for herself and her family at different stages in their lives. This is a normal woman but one who placed her life in the hands of an amazing God and without her, Martyn Lloyd Jones would not have been able to do the things he did.

Celia Reynolds

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