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Heaven How I Got Here

The Story of the Thief on the Cross

Colin S Smith



Heaven How I Got Here

The Story of the Thief on the Cross

Colin S Smith



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What if you woke up one morning knowing that it was your last day on earth? That's what happened to the thief on the cross, who died a few feet from Jesus. "Heaven, How I Got Here" is his story, told in his own words, as he looks back from Heaven on the day that changed his eternity, and the faith that can change yours.

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    Heaven How I Got Here

  • Author(s)

    Colin S Smith

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    Christian Focus Publications

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    Enquirer / Seeker

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Overall rating

4.8 based on 6 reviews

What the thief was thinking

Of course we can never really know what the thief on the cross was thinking before and after his conversion, but this view of the crucifixion of Jesus from the perspective of that thief brings the story alive. Sometimes his thinking felt a bit too 21st Century to me, but I am sure that people will find it a helpful book to read.

Stephen Ayre

Buy lots!

Here is a short book to read and give away to a non–Christian friend or acquaintance. Written in the first person, it tells the story of Good Friday from the perspective of the crucified criminal who ask the Lord Jesus to remember him. With a biblically informed imagination, Colin Smith recounts the way this guilty crucified criminal went from condemned cell, via the agony of crucifixion, to the joy of heaven with the Lord Jesus. He imagines the criminal looking back on that last day from the perspective of the eternal security of heaven. He speaks as an eyewitness of the sufferings of Jesus; one who heard His words spoken from the cross. What unfolds is a story of amazing grace. Here was a man with nothing to commend him; with no time to turn over a new leaf; with no record of a new start. He simply turned to the Lord Jesus and asked for mercy. What a demonstration of the truth that whoever comes to Jesus will never be driven away! This is a book to buy, read and give away. I know of one believer who on reading this book ordered ten and quickly found opportunities to give them away to others, including to his barber. Here in Enfield we have bought a pile and are urging folk to read it before Easter with a view to then passing it on to a friend. Go for it!

Johnny Prime

One of the best

This is one of the best evangelistic books I've ever read. Beautifully written, creatively simple, and clear on the wonderful good news that Christ came into the world to save sinners. I've bought a load to give away. I commend you to do the same.

Jonathan Carswell


…brilliant idea beautifully executed…combines pastoral wisdom and narrative skill to help us get inside the heart and mind of the thief on the cross, crucified next to the Christ on Calvary.

Justin Taylor


Here is a gripping account of God’s amazing grace that comes alive as recounted from this unusual and really helpful perspective.

Alistair Begg


I’ve never read anything like this! This compelling first–person account from a heavenly perspective helped me understand and appreciate what Jesus endured on the cross and why he did it.

Collin Hansen, The Gospel Coalition

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