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    5 Puritan Women

    Portraits of Faith and Love

    Jenny-Lyn de Klerk

    5 Puritan Women

    Portraits of Faith and Love

    Jenny-Lyn de Klerk



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    What the Lives of 5 Puritan Women Teach about Holy Living and Devotion to God

    The writings of the Puritans have had a recent resurgence, but many Puritan women have often been overlooked or misunderstood. As mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and wives, the vibrant faith of Puritan women has much to teach modern day readers.

    In 5 Puritan Women: Portraits of Faith and Love, Jenny-Lyn de Klerk shows how the lives and writings of Christian women encourage the beauty of holy living and provide practical wisdom for the home and the church. Each chapter portrays a different Puritan woman—Agnes Beaumont, Lucy Hutchinson, Mary Rich, Anne Bradstreet, and Lady Brilliana Harley—telling their stories of devotion, lament, and family. By studying their faith journeys, modern readers can learn more about their roles in church history and glean insights into the Christian life. 

    • Accessible Introduction: An affordable, easy-to-read format to introduce readers to the neglected writings of Puritan women
    • Applicable: Explains the need for, and the value of, studying Puritan women today and highlights spiritual disciplines that these women demonstrate
    • Women in Church History: Broadens the reader’s understanding of women’s roles in furthering God’s kingdom throughout history
    • Foreword by Karen Swallow Prior
    • Title

      5 Puritan Women

    • Author(s)

      Jenny-Lyn de Klerk

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    • Topic

      Church History, Biography

    • Audience

      Adults, Women

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    Jenny-Lyn de Klerk

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