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Come and See

The Journey of Knowing God through Scripture

Jonathan Pennington

Come and See

The Journey of Knowing God through Scripture

Jonathan Pennington


3 Effective Ways to Study Scripture for an Essential Understanding of Who God Is

The Bible invites us to know God and have eternal life. That makes reading, understanding, and applying Scripture the most important journey we will ever take, but it can be difficult without a guide to provide direction.

In Come and See, Jonathan Pennington helps readers understand what it means to know God from the Bible and details 3 effective approaches to interpreting Scripture. Using the engaging analogy of a road trip, he introduces 3 friends who each have distinct, clear ways of navigating the Bible: informational (understanding genres in Scripture and avoiding exegetical mistakes); theological (reading canonically, traditionally, and creedally); and transformational (focusing on the goal of reading Scripture, our posture as readers, and the role of the Holy Spirit). Pennington gives detailed advice for employing all 3 reading modes, equipping readers to gain wisdom and know God better.

  • Comprehensive: Explores 3 approaches to studying Scripture: informational, theological, and transformational and includes exercises to practice each
  • Enhances Personal or Group Bible Study: Helps readers engage in deeper communion with God by purposefully journeying through his word
  • Ideal for Pastors, Seminary Students, and Laypeople: With an engaging, conversational style, Pennington teaches deep truths about knowing God and interpreting Scripture
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    Come and See

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    Jonathan Pennington

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Jonathan Pennington

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