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40 Questions About Calvinism

Shawn D Wright

40 Questions About Calvinism

Shawn D Wright



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In 40 Questions About Calvinism, church historian Shawn Wright tackles many issues about the theological system known as Calvinism. Taking an irenic approach, Wright explains the key doctrines while also contrasting them with Arminianism. The accessible format allows readers to easily look up topics they're most interested in, including: What is the difference between Calvinism and the Reformed tradition? Does God love all people? What is predestination? Did Jesus die for the sins of the whole world? Can people resist the Holy Spirit? Do Calvinists practice evangelism and missions? For Calvinists or those seeking to understand Calvinism better, 40 Questions About Calvinism helps readers understand the key terms, issues, and debates of this highly influential theological viewpoint.
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    40 Questions About Calvinism

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    Shawn D Wright

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