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Memorizing Scripture

The Basics, Blessings, and Benefits of Meditating on God's Word

Glenna Marshall

Memorizing Scripture

The Basics, Blessings, and Benefits of Meditating on God's Word

Glenna Marshall


Reclaiming the Art of Scripture Memorization

Bible memory has fallen on hard times. It can feel unnecessary since we have Scripture at our fingertips. Or it just feels daunting and unattainable—you know it's important, but you're just not good at it.

Writer, mother, and lover of Scripture Glenna Marshall shows us that to love God with our hearts, we must first love him with our minds. Through Scripture memorization, we begin to meditate on God's word. This causes us to think deeply about God, which leads to intimacy and trust. Scripture memory bolsters our daily faith, grows us in discernment, and gives us courage to walk through trials. It arms us with what we need to share the gospel, to fight sin, and to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ!

But how and where do we begin? Glenna gives us practical tools! Even long passages or books of the Bible can be hidden in our hearts with small, doable, daily bites. You'll look at how to memorize Scripture in Bible study groups or local church settings as well as with children and friends.

Scripture memorization is the path we travel to obey God's command to meditate on His Word. You will be transformed as the Bible takes root in your heart. The more we know His Word, the more we will—with the help of the Holy Spirit—be shaped like Jesus. You can do this! Memorizing Scripture shows you how!

“There are few disciplines Christians want to do more but actually do less than memorizing Scripture. Glenna’s book is designed to help. It will motivate you to rediscover this important habit, instruct you on why it will benefit your life and faith, convince you it will foster your joy in the Lord, and help you build and maintain the practice. As we and so many other parents taught our children, it will help you to put the best thing (God’s Word) in the best place (your heart) for the best reason (so you might not sin against Him).” —Tim Challies, Author of Seasons of Sorrow

Memorizing Scripture will be a resource I reach for and recommend often! It compelled me to know and love God through His Word, while equipping me with helpful tools to hide Scripture in my heart. Glenna Marshall offers us the principles with the practicals, exhortation with encouragement, and the truth with all the grace.”—Hunter Beless, Founder of Journeywomen and author of Read It, See It, Say It, Sing It: Knowing and Loving the Bible

“Muscle memory is an essential operation in our physicality. A thousand memorized micro-actions in exercise, cooking, texting, and driving help us flourish in everyday life. Memorizing Scripture by Glenna Marshall reminds us how vital Scripture memory is for our spirituality. You will enjoy this personal, inviting, practical, and invigorating work from Glenna. I trust it will encourage you to treasure Scripture as it did for me.”—Jeff Medders, Author of Humble Calvinism

“For years, Glenna Marshall’s faithful example of Scripture memorization has spurred me on to store up God’s Word in my heart and mind, and this book is no exception. Glenna not only describes the fruit and benefits of memorizing Scripture but also provides practical methods and tips for even the most reluctant memorizer. This book will leave you encouraged and equipped to pursue a life saturated in God’s Word—a life of wisdom, growth, and comfort in the Lord.”—Joanna Kimbrel, Content coordinator at The Gospel Coalition and author of The Greatest Hero: The Book of Romans

“Authors sometimes write books about spiritual disciplines to help readers understand, books showing both our need for and God’s command of such disciplines. And then there are those books that so tug your heart, so invite you in, so testify to the goodness of the discipline, that they make you want to participate in that discipline—like put the book down and participate right now. Glenna Marshall has written both books in one. Years ago, my memorization practice felt more vibrant, and Memorizing Scripture has given me the nudge to reengage a practice I’ve let get dusty.”—Benjamin Vrbicek, Lead pastor at Community Evangelical Free Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, managing editor for Gospel-Centered Discipleship, and author of several books

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    Memorizing Scripture

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    Glenna Marshall

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