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Bridge-Building Apologetics

How to Get Along Even When We Disagree

Lindsey Medenwaldt

Bridge-Building Apologetics

How to Get Along Even When We Disagree

Lindsey Medenwaldt


Winsome Apologetics Makes for Effective Apologetics

All too often, Christians taking a stand for their faith come off as overly combative or adversarial. While it’s important to be uncompromising when we communicate the truth, Scripture also calls us to speak the truth with love.

Bridge-Building Apologetics is about establishing caring and compassionate relationships with those whom you desire to reach for Christ. In this friendly introduction and helpful resource, you will find...

  • inspiring examples of relational apologetics from both biblical figures and modern-day bridge builders
  • strategies for thoughtful and productive interactions with unbelievers and people of diverse faith backgrounds
  • practical tips for engaging non-Christians in relationships and faith-centered conversations, with real-life examples

Going beyond merely comparing truth with error, this accessible and informative guide shows you how to overcome relational barriers and graciously reach out to those with whom you disagree. Even in the face of deep differences, these insights and tips will help you will grow in your confidence to engage others effectively with the love of Jesus and the truth of Scripture.

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    Bridge-Building Apologetics

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    Lindsey Medenwaldt

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    Harvest House

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Lindsey Medenwaldt

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