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Like Me

A Story About Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person

Laura Wifler



Like Me

A Story About Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person

Laura Wifler


"A delightful book to help our children understand how we are all different and we are also the same."—Trillia Newbell, author of God's Very Good Idea and The Big Wide Welcome

This children’s picture book follows a sibling of a child with a disability as they go through their day. A simple story with an important message, Like Me helps kids recognize the many similarities they share with disabled kids and model a loving and understanding approach to the differences.

“God made you, God loves you, God is kind to you."

It can be hard for children to take those three life-changing truths into their hearts and treat others with love and understanding, especially when they encounter those whose needs differ drastically from theirs.

Through a sibling’s eyes, young readers will tag along on a day of a child with a disability. As the two siblings play with friends, go to therapy, and spend time with family, relatable comparisons will help children understand a different type of family life, building empathy for children with disabilities along the way.

Like Me opens the door to meaningful talks with your child about empathy, compassion, diversity, and God’s love for them and others.

  • Title

    Like Me

  • Author(s)

    Laura Wifler

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    Harvest House

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Overall rating

5.0 based on 4 reviews


This book is a gem and everyone needs it in their home. I cried the first time reading it because I could feel the emotions through the pages. Laura does an excellent job of portraying the difficulties that may come when a child is trying to interact with another who is different from themselves. It shows them the right response, while acknowledging everyone’s feelings. It points them back to God who made everything and that we should be kind to others because He is kind to us. Absolutely beautiful!!

Finally a book like this

Our youngest child has spina bifida and he is almost 4. This book hit so hard and good in so many ways. I was so excited for it to finally come (as I ordered it in August) yesterday and read aloud to my kids before bedtime as they pointed out AFOs and walkers that our son Jory also has. So very grateful for books like this that show disability and family relationships, as well as speak to the power of those relationships and how we can all show kindness one to another no matter how we may get around the world or what devices or helps we each may need at some point or another. Very applicable and relatable! Thanks Laura!

Uniquely Beautiful children's book

A children's book that is truly unique. Beautiful illustrations and simple text, combine to make an amazing story about a boy and his brother with disabilities. Whether you know someone in your life who has disabilities or want to teach your children how to love them well or even help yourself love them better, this book is for you. An instant classic that I will be buying for our church's children's ministry and recommending to anyone I know.

Highly Recommend for Children and Adults!

Like Me is a gentle, clear, and relatable children’s book about disability and the value of each person. Written by Laura Wifler and illustrated by Skylar White, Like Me teaches children about relating to another child with disabilities and describes ways that children are the same and ways that they are unique. The illustrations are beautiful, warm, and diverse. I highly recommend Like Me! A wide audience including children, parents, medical professionals, therapists, counselors, teachers, librarians, and many more people will benefit from Like Me!


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