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Agents of Grace

How to Bridge Divides and Love as Jesus Loved

Daniel Darling

Agents of Grace

How to Bridge Divides and Love as Jesus Loved

Daniel Darling


As a pastor, podcaster, and award-winning writer, Daniel Darling has experienced both hurt and hope in the evangelical community. In Agents of Grace, he draws on modern-day examples and Jesus's command to love one another to present a compelling, biblical call for Christians to live as bridgebuilders in a divided culture.

Political division. Racial tension. Vaccine wars. In Agents of Grace, award-winning writer, journalist, and podcast host Daniel Darling equips us to discern what's worth fighting for, how to move beyond our profound disagreements, and how to live as agents of Jesus's love.

When Daniel Darling was fired as spokesperson for the National Religious Broadcasters Association, it wasn't his exit that made national news--it was the way he handled it. Daniel's charitable response to those he had worked with was so radical that it made headlines. But why has kindness among Christians become so startling?

In Agents of Grace, Daniel explores practical ways we can follow the Bible's command to "strive actively for peace" even in a painfully divided church, country, and world. On a very personal level, he helps us climb out of cynicism about how the people of God treat each other, especially when we are trying to heal from such pain in our own lives.

Beautifully written, Agents of Grace draws on modern-day examples and biblical truths to address:

  • Divisions that keep us from obeying Jesus's command to love one another
  • Virtues that will lead us to a peace-filled life
  • The theological differences that are worth fighting for, and those that are not
  • How to avoid apathy and heal from past hurt, even amid hypocrisy and corruption
  • The difference between forgiveness, reconciliation, and trust
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    Agents of Grace

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    Daniel Darling

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