How People Change

Paul David Tripp

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 The book How People Change explains CCEF's foundational model of biblical change from Jeremiah 17. The book describes in detail the three trees or heat-thorns-cross-fruit biblical model of change and walks readers through the process of personal change by helping them to take a close look at their difficult circumstances (the heat), how they are responding to those circumstances (good=fruit tree, bad=thorn bush), and how coming to Christ for forgiveness and help (the cross/third tree) brings Spirit-led change of love for God and people. Chapters 3-14 mirror the lessons in the How People Change: How Christ Changes Us by His Grace Study Guide. Those who have read and studied the book have noted that it is a helpful resource for leaders and participants who are going through the How People Change: How Christ Changes Us by His Grace Seminar (DVD) and Study Guide. The How People Change book, written after the study guide, furthers explains and deepens the truths from the study guide.
How People Change
New Growth Press