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Broken Works Best

When God Turns Your Pain into Gain

Catherine Campbell

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Few of us are prepared to meet the unexpected blow of suffering head-on, even though it is part of life's package.Catherine Campbell has personally walked the path of the broken-hearted. She shares with us how pain shapes our faith and develops a deep trust in the God who can transform what is broken in our lives. Using God's Word, illustrated by moving true-life stories, Catherine explores the difficult questions to enable us to find help for our struggling hearts.This book is a must-read if you're suffering or supporting others, and an invaluable resource to prepare all of us for challenging times. Through suffering, God writes another story with our lives. Not the 'perfect' one we would have written for ourselves, but an infinitely more beautiful, more wonderful story that helps us to see that broken really does work best.'To write a book on Christian suffering is no easy task but Catherine Campbell has succeeded superbly. Mingling Scripture teaching, biblical examples and contemporary illustrations with the account of her own intense sorrows, she has produced a book that will be an enormous help to those facing suffering and to those who would comfort others.' ~ Faith Cook
  • Tackling difficult questions for those facing suffering
  • Application of biblical truth with personal experiences and stories
  • Helpful for those supporting others suffering
Broken Works Best