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Steve Wilmshurst

Steve Wilmshurst was born in Surrey, southern England, to parents who were nearing the end of their service as missionaries in Nigeria. He grew up in London and studied physics at Cambridge, staying on to complete a PhD on wind energy. In an unusual change of direction, he then had a 'first career' as an engineer in the nuclear industry where he started in reactor physics and ended up working on life extension for the power stations.

Things then changed dramatically again when he took voluntary redundancy to retrain in theology at Trinity College, Bristol. Here he studied to MPhil level, with a dissertation on what's known as the New Perspective on Paul, focused on Galatians chapter 2 ('Bending the gospel: What was at stake in the Antioch incident?').

Steve then joined the staff of Kensington Baptist Church in Bristol, where he served for sixteen years. In addition to the wonderful city of Bristol, this took him to a number of other interesting places, including Lhasa in Tibet and rafting through the Grand Canyon. Around ministry responsibilities including preaching, training, mentoring and support for missionaries, he also wrote three books based on sermon series, which were published by EP books. These were all on New Testament books - in particular, he's gained a bit of a reputation as an expert on Revelation, which he has taught in various different places.

His fourth book is a slightly new departure, since it's about the Old Testament book of Daniel. This one is based on his final preaching series at Kensington, and is self-published for speed of issue.

Steve Wilmshurst

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