40 Days of Hope

Paul David Tripp

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A 40-Day Devotional on Hope from Paul David Tripp

This series of short devotionals from popular author and speaker Paul David Tripp encourages Christians to experience the life-giving message of the gospel every day. Each book contains 40 daily readings curated from the best-selling devotional New Morning Mercies and focused on a particular theme essential to the Christian life. Short enough to read in 5 minutes or less, each meditation will encourage readers to treasure the life-changing truths of God's word more fully.

Everyone places their hope in something. If the object of a person's hope is temporary, hope will be temporary. But if hope is placed in something that is immovable and unchanging, hope will be eternal. In this short devotional, Tripp explores the role of hope in a Christian's everyday life. Through 40 daily meditations, Tripp reminds readers that hope is not a feeling, object, or place, but a person—Jesus Christ.

  • 40 daily readings celebrating the richness of Christ-centered hope
  • 5 minute devotions meditating on practical hope that is eternal
  • Suggested Bible passage for further encouragement each day
40 Days of Hope