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Word-Filled Women's Ministry

Loving and Serving the Church

Gloria Furman

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Word-Filled Women's Ministry
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A Practical Guide to Bible-Centered Ministry Among WomenThe Bible is clear that women as well as men are created in God's image and intended to serve him with their lives. But what does this look like for women in the church? Helping church leaders think through what a Bible-centered women's ministry looks like, this collection of essays by respected Bible teachers and authors such as Gloria Furman, Nancy Guthrie, and Susan Hunt addresses a variety of topics relevant to women. Whether exploring the importance of intergenerational relationships, the Bible's teaching on sexuality, or women's roles in the church and the home, this book of wise teaching and practical instruction will become a must-have resource for anyone interested in bolstering the health and vitality of the local church.
Word-Filled Women's Ministry
The Gospel Coalition

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  • 5
    Absolutely brilliant

    Posted by Beth Calder on 14th Apr 2016

    The first chapter had me hooked - Kathleen Nielson reminds us how vital, beautiful and compelling the Word of God is, and how it needs to be central to our ministering to one another. I came away more convinced of the power of God's word, and the need to keep it at the heart of everything we do. Full of practical suggestions as to how we keep the Word in its central place in our lives, as well as helpful reflections on the place of God's Word in evangelism, pastoral ministry and cross-cultural mission, this book encouraged me with testimonies of God's Word in action in the lives of many women. The importance of doing women's ministry in the context of the local church is (refreshingly) highlighted all the way through, and the writers do a great job of suggesting ways in which the local church can be supporting this work. It ave me lots to think about that I hadn't considered before! I wholeheartedly recommend this book, and am so thankful for a book written on this subject. Strongly recommended for both women AND men who are wondering how they can best serve the women in their church families and friendship circles!

  • 5
    An important book written with brilliant clarity

    Posted by Felicity Patterson on 4th Dec 2015

    At the heart of this book is the conviction that God graciously works through His word, and so women of the church will thrive and grow and be transformed as they are given His word. For many of us, this is a conviction that we share but this book presents the brilliant vibrant reality of how this might be played out in women's ministry in any given context. Kathleen Nielson's articulate, passionate and biblically rich opening chapter sets up this book as one that offers deep, substantial and energetic Word driven conviction and ministry. The subsequent chapters follow suit as the different authors explore various aspects of women's ministry and how the word can shape, characterise and therefore transform women in the church. The writers offer clarity, experience and determination in working out women's ministry according to God's good plan for his people. The intended aim of this book is not separate flourishing women's ministries in churches but women throughout churches across the world bringing God glory as they contribute hugely to the local church in action. I pray that many women - both in and out of formal ministry roles - will get hold of this book and be shaped and spurred on to engage and delight in God's work amongst gospel women.

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