Truth or Territory: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare

Jim Osman

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Truth or Territory offers a critique of common spiritual warfare practices including binding Satan, renouncing curses, spiritual mapping and exorcisms. Using Scripture, and Scripture alone, Pastor Jim Osman shows that true spiritual warfare is not a battle over territory, but a battle for the truth.

Mark Dever says of the book: "It's direct. It's simple. I don't know of another book out there that Biblically criticizes these kinds of all too common practices today...Jim Osman does us a service in bringing them briefly and directly into our view and the light of Scripture."

The book is divided into four sections:

  • Establishing Biblical Principles
  • Exposing Unbiblical Practices
  • Explaining Biblical Perspectives
  • Examining a Biblical Passage.

A biblical approach to spiritual warfare recognizes the Bible as the sole authority, rejects unbiblical and man-made methods, and rests in Christ and His finished work for victory. Many in the modern spiritual warfare movement teach a methodology of spiritual warfare that is more akin to something you would find in a Harry Potter novel (renouncing curses and using prayer mantras to seize territory) than anything described in Scripture. Many of these practices reflect a theology built on anecdotes, experience, and interviews with demons rather than a sound exegesis of Scripture.

Footnoted quotations of authors like Mark Bubeck, Neil T. Anderson, and others are compared against Scripture to show that modern spiritual warfare "experts" have abandoned the authority of Scripture and opted for man-made methods to wage spiritual battle. The chapters include a study of the three enemies that every Christian faces: the world, the flesh, and the devil. One chapter includes a helpful discussion of the link between spiritual warfare and a believer's sanctification. 

Pastor Osman answers from Scripture the questions:

  • Can a Christian be demon-possessed?
  • Is Christ's authority ours?
  • What about exorcisms?

The foreword is written by international conference speaker, Justin Peters.

  • Critique of common spiritual warfare practices
  • Highlighting the Biblical priority for truth not territory
  • Extolling the authority of Scripture
Truth or Territory: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare
Jim Osman