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The Ology

Ancient Truths Ever New

Marty Machowski

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In the cellar of an old stone cathedral, two children discover an ancient book called The Ology. The beautifully illustrated storybook ushers them into a story of adventure, mystery, and wonder in which they discover life-changing truths about God, themselves, and the world around them. The first illustrated systematic theology book designed especially for grade-school children, The Ology includes built-in adaptations for use with younger or older children, so that entire families can enjoy learning about God together. • A beginner's book of systematic theology in the form of a beautifully illustrated storybook• Clearly explains life-changing theological truths with everyday examples and simple language that kids can understand• Takes abstract theological concepts and makes them easier to understand with the use of creative examples, illustrations, and analogies• Designed for six-year-olds through preteens, with built-in adaptations for use with younger or older children, so that entire families can enjoy it together.";Few tasks are of greater importance than the discipling of children. Christian parents and Sunday school teachers, committed to biblical fidelity, cannot neglect the tremendous task of teaching children the great truths of Scripture. Marty Machowski's The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New is a wonderful new book that will equip parents for the task of discipleship and also help children immerse themselves in the Christian worldview."R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary";I love good children's books, and this one is truly beautiful, both in its words and pictures. Machowski meets children where they are and tells them the greatest story of all. The best part is, it's true!"Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan";Appealing, truthful, and comprehensive, Marty Machowski has written The Ology as a systematic theology accessible to children. I can see parents reading this book while their children snuggle beside them or sit on their lap and listen. Little ones will enjoy looking at this beautifully illustrated volume as their parents read it to them. It's also the kind of book you can read to your children again and again. When they are old enough, they'll want to read it on their own. Can you ask for more in a Christian book for children?"Don Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality, Associate Dean for the School of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary";Every child—and every parent—is already a theologian. The question is what kind of theologian we will be. Will our children grow up learning sound doctrine, rightly dividing the word of truth? Or will they end up fashioning a god—and a theology—in their own image? There are many good theologians in the church today, and many teachers who love children. But few are a combination of both like Marty Machowski. I am delighted to commend this engaging resource to help all of us know and worship the God of the Bible!"Justin Taylor, Managing editor, ESV Study Bible; coauthor, The Final Days of Jesus";I love Marty Machowski's books, and even better, so do my children. The Ology is another beautiful and creative book meant to expose children to the deepest and most important truths. I am reading it with my children, and would encourage you to do the same."Tim Challies,";Many parents struggle to teach their children systematic theology, or even lead family devotions. The Ology will help you do both. Marty has made another significant contribution to biblically faithful, gospel-centered, creatively designed, accessible materials that help parents raise their kids not merely to know about God, but to have a relationship with him through Jesus Christ." Bob Kauflin, Director of Sovereign Grace Music";I'm always on the lookout for resources that will serve my grandkids, and I've just found another one. Marty Machowski has done it again! The Ology takes huge truths about God, Scripture, and Christ and him crucified and makes them accessible and appealing to young minds. I'll be passing this one out to all twelve of my grandkids."C. J. Mahaney, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville
The Ology
New Growth Press

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  • 5
    Beautifully illustrated and effectively presented

    Posted by Rev Brian Colvin for the Presbyterian Herald on 31st Oct 2017

    The Ology is a systematic theology book for children, beautifully illustrated and effectively presented in short chapters: beginning with The Ology of God, this volume works its way through The Ology of People, Sin, the Promise and the Law, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Adoption into God’s Family, Change, Church, the End Times and God’s Word, with each chapter pointing the reader to the Word of God. The Ology is designed to be read with children (aged 6–9) and by children (aged 10–12). It is also a book that provides a framework for a solid biblical worldview for teenagers, young adults and maybe not so young adults. Last year, my 11–year–old daughter Zara read this from cover–to–cover and thoroughly enjoyed it, learning, in her own words, “so much about God” and sharing with me one day that she knew where the devil came from, having read the chapter on sin. We gave The Ology to every child and young person in our Sunday School and Bible Class as a one–off gift; it was also presented as the first prize for RE in P5, P6 and P7 in our local primary school. There is a companion CD also called The Ology by Sovereign Grace Music that celebrates the wonderful theological truths contained in the book through memorable songs and music. Both make excellent gifts.

  • 5
    Great book for teaching Bible truth

    Posted by Sam Osborne on 1st Jan 2016

    This really clear and helpful book makes theology accessible to children. Difficult concepts are explained in down to earth and concrete ways. Many topics which are often overlooked with children are covered well. For example, there's a whole section on 'the ology' of change, including teaching on 'We grow a little at a time', 'Put off the old, put on the new' and other important subjects about Christian growth. Well worth adults reading as well as children

  • 5
    An excellent tool to teach kids Systematic Theology!

    Posted by Nick Brake on 9th Nov 2015

    We have just started using this with our 5 yr old and finding it very helpful. In many ways it's an older version of "Everything a Child Should Know about God" and so suitable for ages 5/6 - 10/11. It has a few paragraphs of text, explaining the doctrine/topic, along with a picture also giving a few Bible verses around it. It covers key Bible doctrines and will really help children (and adults!) to start grappling with some of the wonderful truths of God. An essential and really helpful book for any person that wants to teach children, in a simple and clear way, Biblical truths about God!