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The Gospel in Color for Kids

A Theology of Racial Reconciliation

Jarvis Williams Curtis Woods Rommel Ruiz

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The Complex Issues of Race, the Gospel, and Reconciliation — Made Simple For KidsRacism is a painful, complex issue, and can be challenging to explain to children. That's why The Gospel in Color — For Kids is written to facilitate honest conversations about race and racial reconciliation between kids and their parents.With vibrant illustrations and engaging text, this book explains how a false idea of race brings about suffering and division, and why the good news of Jesus Christ brings about the reconciliation the world needs.By providing a biblical lens for viewing race, racism, and reconciliation, The Gospel in Color helps kids understand big ideas in a highly accessible way. ";These books are readable, so as to engage the imagination of our children. These books are relevant, so as to push back against the very present ideas that constrict the image of God on darker skin. And the books are rich, so as to mobilize parents to carefully give 'The Talk' — the greater one: the one about God's great love for humanity!" -KB, Hip Hop Artist ";We are, yet again, at a place in history where race, culture, and ethnicity feel as though they're tearing us apart. Conversations around these realities feel overwhelming — and explaining these things to children is a great challenge. How can we equip our kids to think about these matters in a way that is compelled by God's love? The Gospel in Color does an incomparable job of providing simple and compelling presentations and conversation points for parents and children." -Rich Perez, Pastor & Author, Christ Crucified Fellowship
  • Introducing children to race, racism and reconciliation through a Biblical lens
  • With parallel chapters to The Gospel in Color: For parents" to facilitate a conversation
  • Vibrant illustrations, key word definitions, Scriptures to read and questions to discuss
  • Children
The Gospel in Color for Kids