Tracing Glory: A Daily Oasis of Rich Truths

Tracing Glory: A Daily Oasis of Rich Truths

Some Advent devotionals walk the reader through the birth of Christ as told through the Gospels. Others hone in on another book of the Bible entirely, drawing parallels from the text to the advent of Christ. But in Sarah Rice's new book of Advent readings, Tracing Glory: The Christmas Story Through the Bible (10Publishing 2021), families will experience the whole of the Bible and see how it points to Christ's birth as the "climactic event" in God’s plan of delivering his people from sin and glorifying his name. The book begins with God speaking everything into existence in Genesis and concludes in Revelation with the promise of a new creation. In each of the 25 devotionals, families will see how the Bible story at hand points glory of its Author.

Understanding the chaos that comes with the Christmas season, and everyday life in general, each devotional is brief and to-the-point, making it easy for parents to read aloud over dinner or before bedtime.

"Let’s be honest," writes Nancy Guthrie in the foreword, "It requires a lot of effort, and a lot of patience, and a lot of creativity, and a lot of determination to nurture a Christ-focused atmosphere and conversation in our homes. So much is working against us...But there is also something working for us: the goodness of the story the Bible tells and our desire for our children (and ourselves) to be captivated and shaped by that goodness."

At the conclusion of each reading is a devotional commentary, a helpful summary highlighting the key point and showing how that particular Bible passage points to Jesus, and engaging discussion questions. As a fun companion to the book, author Sarah Rice has also created downloadable instructions for families to create ornaments that coincide with the Scripture in each devotional. Every unique aspect of Tracing Glory teams together to daily center its readers on Christ when the rest of the season can easily throw our minds and our hearts off course.

"During the season when parties and presents and programs can easily dominate our families’ lives," Guthrie writes, "this book provides a daily oasis of rich truths to talk about, a daily corrective to being pulled into a merely cultural Christmas. It sets before us and our children the only thing in the world worthy of lifelong pursuit: the glory of God."

"I pray that tracing God’s glory through the pages of this book this Advent season will draw you and your family into the wonder of, and give you a greater longing for, the glory of God," she concludes.

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Download instructions to create the ornaments

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