Morning And Evening Matt Burgundy

C H Spurgeon

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Morning And Evening Matt Burgundy

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A wealth of Biblical teaching from Spurgeon. He meditates on two portions of scripture each day with applications that are very relevant for contemporary Christians. Spurgeon's characteristically pithy comments hit home with a wit and elegance rarely found in other writing. Spurgeon was, primarily, a pastor and this shows with the concern he shows here for the hearts of the reader. Christians, young and old, will find his comments challenging, stimulating and direct.This is the most complete and unabridged version available of the best-selling Morning and Evening devotions.
Morning And Evening Matt Burgundy
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    Convicting and Powerful

    Posted by Hun Pu on 8th Apr 2013

    Each day of the year has a morning and evening devotion passage, where Spurgeon looks at a sentence or verse from the Bible and basically gives a 'mini-sermon' on it. I have owned a copy of Spurgeon's 'Morning and Evening' for a year now and truth be told, reading such passionate expositions of God's word has been incredibly enlightening and challenging. Reading it has caused me to be more amazed at the depth and relevance of the Bible, and so encouraging me to read more deeply into His word and to know him better. And being only a short passage for each day gives a practical incentive for one to persevere in following this set of devotions throughout the year. I highly commend it to the Christian for it's depth of insight of the Bible and passion for God's word.

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