Jesus: Dead or Alive?

John Blanchard

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Jesus: Dead or Alive?
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John Blanchard's challenging evangelistic booklets are best-sellers - thousands of churches and individuals and many organizations have proved their worth repeatedly. For 2016, these are being released in a new compact format with a fresh series design. The credibility of Christianity hangs on one straight forward question: did Jesus Christ come back to life a few days after he died and was buried? His character, his claims and his relevance for today all hinge on this one issue.

If Jesus is now no more than a handful of dust and bones slowly crumbling away somewhere on the outskirts of Jerusalem, the entire Christian faith lies buried with him; all its martyrs were mistaken, all its reformers were deluded, all its church buildings are monuments to a myth, all its services are senseless and Easter Day is a sick joke. What is more, the millions of people who claim that he is a living Saviour who is transforming their lives are living in cloud cuckoo land. 

In this dynamic publication, John Blanchard examines the evidence, assesses the alternatives, unpacks the conspiracy theories and shows why there is only one convincing answer to the question.

Jesus: Dead or Alive?
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