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As Easter approaches, so does the wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with others. Here are three resources, including two specifically designed to give away at Easter, from outstanding teacher and evangelist, Glen Scrivener.

Customer reviews and endorsements:

On Love Story: "An absolutely beautifully written book. Gets to the heart and is a must read for both Christians and non-believers. I couldn't put it down and will re-read it. Complex truths are put in such a crystal clear way that it nourishes the soul from the first page to the last. I knew all the truths Glen writes about, they had never sunk in like they did as they were told in Love Story! Will be buying more for family and friends!" - Customer review

On Divine Comedy, Human Tragedy: "[This] is a real gift for Easter outreach opportunities. Clocking–in at just 55 pocket–size pageseach of the seven chapters feels like you’re reading a punchy blog–post. Glen’s turn–of–phrase is second–to–none and for those enquirers that are prepared to give a book a go, I’d put good money on them finishing it. The writing feels fresh, and, God–willing it will excite believers and compel unbelievers.- Customer review

On 3 2 1: "321 is a great introduction to the Christian faith. It goes to the heart of who God is and how we can know him. And it does this in an accessible and engaging way. I warmly encourage you to accept Glen’s invitation to look at Christianity from the inside." - Tim Chester, pastor and author of Enjoying God

"Glen Scrivener shows us beautiful good news with compelling warmth and clarity, ably defuses objections to Christianity, and lays out a warm welcome to Jesus Christ. I am so pleased to see this made available." - Mike Reeves, author, speaker, and President and Professor of Theology, Union School of Theology, Oxford, England

"Profoundly beckoning, Glen Scrivener, calls his reader home to the relationship at the heart of the universe – three persons united in love – and mounts a robust defence of the wisdom of following Christ, that will both challenge and compel sceptics." - Rico Tice, founder of Christianity Explored, minister at All Soul's Langham Place, London, and author

Glen Scrivener Easter Pack