Fight Your Fears + For All Who Grieve

2 Book Bundle

Kristen Wetherell Colin S Smith

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This bundle includes two recent, hardback releases: For All Who Grieve by Colin Smith and Fight Your Fears by Kristen Wetherell.Praise for For All Who Grieve";Colin Smith blends the consolations of Scripture with a pastor's heart… and helps sufferers find hope and a route through their pain, carried by His sustaining love and faithfulness." — Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author; host and teacher of Revive Our Hearts";A rare treasure. If you're hurting or helping someone battling sorrow, this book is a gift." — Mark Vroegop, Lead Pastor at College Park Church, Indianapolis, and author of Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy";Readers will find in these pages companionship, understanding, godly wisdom, and hope that it does not have to hurt forever as much as it does today." — Nancy Guthrie, author of What Grieving People Wish You Knew about What Really Helps and What Really HurtsPraise for Fight Your Fears"In a culture that combats fear with believe-in-yourself strategies, Kristen equips believers with biblical truth to actively fight fear by loving Christ more. I'm grateful for such a practical tool to help me preach truth to myself." — Ruth Chou Simons, artist and best-selling author of GraceLaced"Kristen will show you how to fight fear: See more clearly who God is, hear more fully what He promises, and match what you see and hear to the things you fear the most. Forget the futility of trying to work up strength and courage you know you don't have, and find biblical hope in this honest, realistic, and perceptive book." — Colin S. Smith, senior pastor, The Orchard; president, Unlocking the Bible"In theory, we should have fewer fears than any generation before us. We are surrounded by security systems, advanced medicine, organic food, and endless information on glowing rectangles in our pockets. And yet, it turns out, even 'sophisticated moderns' are scaredy-cats. What's wrong with us? Why are we so deeply, miserably afraid? Will we ever find relief from the worries that hum beneath the surface of our lives? Questions like these haunt us, which is why I am so grateful for Kristen Wetherell's timely new book. With piercing clarity and concrete counsel, she takes us by the hand and leads us over slippery terrain to the Rock of ages. I will be recommending Fight Your Fears widely to others, and returning to it often myself." — Matt Smethurst, managing editor, The Gospel Coalition; author of Before You Open Your Bible
Fight Your Fears + For All Who Grieve