Does Life Have Any Meaning?

John Blanchard

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Searching for a meaning to life seems to be programmed into us as human beings. We may sometimes try to brush the subject aside, but time and again we still wonder whether there is any point in all our activities, experiences and emotions. Why are we here? What is life all about? Are we part of a bigger picture, or just specks of dust swirling around in a mindless universe? On what basis can we differentiate between good and bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair? Can we sail through life without moral responsibility of any kind? If we are nothing more than biological accidents, cobbled together from bits of our ancestors, what is the point in speaking about human values or the quality of life?

These are big questions, and it makes no sense to ignore them. In this short and very readable book, John Blanchard faces these questions and shows how the answers are more accessible than many think. He exposes the ‘double-think' in many modern attitudes and deals with the ultimate reality—a reality that is quite literally life changing.

Does Life Have Any Meaning?
Evangelical Press