Como Leer la Biblia

Roger Steer

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Deja que la Palabra de Dios, actue en tu Corazon y mente vez tras vez con el pasar de los años, imperceptiblemente vendran grandes cambios en tu actitud, perspective y conducta. Tu seras probablemente el ultimo en reconocerlos. A memudo te sentiras muy, muy pequeno, porque cada vez mas el Dios de la Biblia sera para ti maravillosamente grande. Paperback 1.99 3391 Banner of Truth PB100300 10ofThose > Church Resources,10ofThose > Outreach,10ofThose > Church Resources > Church Outreach Geoffrey Thomas 9780851518923.jpg N 1 1.6 38 Yes 3 9781850784081 Hudson Taylor: A man in Christ Classic story of the man who founded the largest mission in China.The amazing life-story of Hudson Taylor shows the trials and tribulations of being a man in Christ. Driven by a deep concern for those without Christ and having an unshakable confidence in the faithfulness of God, he moved to a far and distant country at an early age.The exciting story of Hudson Taylor, one of the great nineteenth-century missionaries. A true account of God's grace and what he can do with a life consecrated to him.The challenge of world evangelisation remains as great in the 21st century as it was in Hudson Taylor's day. Spurred by the gospel, he went to extraordinary lengths to proclaim it. Read this stirring account of Taylor's remarkable life then follow his example."Vaughan Roberts, Rector, St Ebbe's, Oxford, England
Como Leer la Biblia