Basics of Arabic

A Complete Grammar, Workbook, and Lexicon

Ayman S Ibrahim

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An ideal introduction to Arabic for beginning students and independent learnersBasics of Arabic by Ayman Ibrahim is an introductory grammar, workbook, and lexicon for learning Modern Standard Arabic. Designed for students approaching Arabic for the first time the book provides them with all the tools necessary to develop skills in reading and writing Arabic. Students will learn Arabic grammar and vocabulary and be able to translate key Arabic passages from biblical and qur'anic texts.Each lesson includes:A thorough and understandable introduction to a particular grammatical feature in ArabicList of vocabulary to be memorizedExercises for practice and reinforcement of key conceptsBasics of Arabic will help readers:Recite the Arabic alphabetRead and pronounce Arabic wordsLearn the Arabic noun and verbal systemUnderstand syntax for writing and reading sentencesAdditional translation exercises and a complete lexicon are included at the back of the book. Ideal for students, missionaries, independent learners, and homeschoolers this accessible guide give readers a clear and understandable introduction to this important language.Reviews'Ayman Ibrahim has provided English speakers with an excellent guide to learning written Arabic. There are thorough explanations in English with many more clear tables than in comparable textbooks. Exercises encourage translation from Arabic to English and English to Arabic. Excerpts from the Qur'an and the Bible in Arabic are an original feature that will appeal to students of religious studies. I wish this book had been available when I first learned written Arabic.''This textbook fills an important niche for those beginning the study of Arabic. Ayman Ibrahim introduces the student to a wide variety of everyday as well as less common vocabulary within clear, well-structured lessons and exercises. Highly recommended for the classroom and self-directed students, Basics of Arabic surpasses other currently available textbooks.''Basics of Arabic provides the student with an accessible step-by-step introduction to the Arabic language with ease but with grammatical rigor. Ayman Ibrahim gradually introduces the language, with minimal grammatical jargon, allowing the student to move from one topic to the next without getting overwhelmed.''In Basics of Arabic, Ayman Ibrahim has provided in one place an innovative and user-friendly grammar and workbook for the beginning student of Arabic. Carefully laid out, visually appealing, and studded with helpful charts, vocabulary lists, and exercises, the book's twenty lessons expertly guide the student from the basics of the Arabic alphabet through to the intricacies of Arabic verbs and sentences. A truly unique and welcome feature of the book is that it draws examples and exercises from the Arabic Bible and the Qur'an, as well as from everyday life in the Arabic-speaking world. Highly recommended!''This is a delightful introduction to Modern Standard Arabic. The presentation is orderly and well-paced. The overview of the verbal system is a model of clarity. Uniquely, the vocabulary items mastered by students include an essential assortment of religious terms shared by Arabic-speaking Muslims and Christians. While designed for use with a teacher, the text is also appropriate for self-study and as a supplementary grammar in a course on proficiency Arabic. A student who masters the material in this book will have a solid foundation with which to continue the study of Arabic, and an ability to read religious and non-religious literature in standard Arabic.'
Basics of Arabic